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9 Best-selling Techniques for Beginners Live Streaming Selling

Supatcha Rod-em
Supatcha Rod-em
August 17, 2022

Have you ever encountered the problem of no audience watching your Live Streaming or having an audience watching but still not that much revenue? 

Beginner sellers may face these problems but that is because you are not that well known and your follower is not that much, or professional sellers may also face the problem of many audiences watching the Live Streaming but still can’t close the deal. As the world has changed rapidly, especially in the competitive world with the digital market, this makes some products that seem to bring a lot of income to the seller are not what has been expected. So, this leads to discouragement for both beginner sellers and professional sellers. From this point, is going to share some best-selling techniques to boost your sales. Let’s go!

  1. Attractive promotion in every Live Streaming 

Of course, the first thing that people like to watch Live Streaming selling is the special promotion. So, how to create an attractive promotion? Many shops may have a free delivery promotion and products discount, but we would like to suggest something new such as buy 5 get an extra for free or buy as a pack of 4 gets an additional price, etc. 

However, sometimes the discount promotion during a high competition might not be a good idea. You have to carefully consider the cost and profit, so by discounting the price, you have to be sure that your shop would generate profit, not loss.

  1. Create a caption that pleases the customers

Telling the name of the products along with the unique selling point is a very significant point. This is because it can attract shoppers more easily; for example, good quality products, extreme price discounts, and free delivery. Creating promotion as a caption in the post is also one way of making Live Streaming more interesting. 

  1. Making good appearances

Dressing well is an important part of making customers believe in you more. Moreover, the seller can also make Live Streaming more attractive by being confident in oneself. This is because if the seller is not confident in oneself, the Live Streaming environment will not be fun. 

  1. Activities during Live Streaming

Encountering boring Live Streaming? How to make it fun then? 

Of course, activity in Live Streaming is the crucial factor to awaken the Live and make a purchase such as if the purchase meets the goal, there would be a giveaway product.  

Also, creating a bidding price for a product that is hard to sell will make Live Streaming more fun. A real case example from “Bung Hasun”, he faced the problem of selling a big fish, and no one was willing to buy, so he decided to offer a bidding price. The result is not what he expected, the fish has been sold with more profit than ever! Your store could also use this technique to adapt to your product as well. 

Another important point is the responding comment to the customer to make them be part of your selling. Answering customers’ comments will make them feel like they get the attention, are willing to buy, and know about the product more which allows the shop to close the deal easier. 

Showing the products, trying the product, and reviewing how to use the product truthfully will make the Live Streaming more reliable and a guarantee that the seller won’t send the wrong product or embezzle. 

  1. Always create a “Call to action”

A call to action is a way to close the deal, but what makes closing the deal good?

There might not be the best way because each product will require different ways, but in every good deal closing is having the option for the customer to choose. If they do not decide to buy it right away, they would not get this offer which makes them have to decide at that moment. 

So how to always make a deal close but not annoy the customer?

You have to create a smooth way to close the deal; for example, pick up the dress and explain all the details then tell the customer that “The promotion will only last for 5 minutes, if you are not CF right now, you will miss it” and continue doing and adapt to the situation. 

  1. Don’t rush to sell things

What does it mean by don’t rush to sell things? This sounds weird, but most successful Live Streaming sellers always use this technique, so how to do it?

When you do not rush to Live, it means that you start a conversation with the customers. But, that is not the point of going Live. Yes, it is not, but if you only focus on selling, it won’t be attractive to the customer then. For example, Bung Hasun, when he first started to Live, he told the ghost story which can attract a lot of customers because it is interesting. This makes him sell a lot eventually. 

Therefore, telling a story is part of making customers feel close to the product because every product and sellers are different; for instance, telling how and why you choose this product to sell or telling about your experiences. 

  1. Fast and easy CF

Why does fast and easy CF help your sales increase?

Of course, if you can’t close the sale with a fast payment system, your customer has to wait and it would be upsetting that they might forget about the product that has been CF from our store. 

So how to solve this?

Managing the CF system, confirming payment, and responding to messages are very important features. Slow replies just a second will make the chance of making a profit gone and what if you don’t have the knowledge about managing the CF system, then what can you do? 

We would like to recommend the program “” which has a fast CF system and 99% accurate auto-detect message with a quality development team. Click here for more information. 

  1. Using customers’ feedback for improvement

In every Live Streaming, you have to be prepared for it. There might be some problems during Live Streaming, some feedback from the customer including responding text, transportation, or customer needs such as the customer is able to watch Live Streaming at 8 pm. while normally you Live around midnight. Some feedback we may not hear directly from the customer, so the tools for tracking and analyzing customers is an excellent way. 

  1. The most important one is to understand your customers

Each customer has different characteristics. However, there will be a group that has the same interesting product and behaviors. So, why do we need to know? Of course, everyone loves surprises and things that pleased them. By understanding your customers well, knowing what they want, and you can give that to them. This will make you have customer loyalty as well as willing customers to buy your product. Do some homework, know important information about customers, the results will be amazing!

A good deal closing can effectively boost your sales. Surely, if the CF system is slow and inconvenient, it will cause you problems. Researching, understanding, and solving customers’ needs are the techniques that can always be used. In the beginning, you might use the technique of not rushing to sell but telling a story to attract instead. You may have fun with the sale, but don’t forget to invite customers to buy your products. Hope you all have good luck in selling!

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Supatcha Rod-em
Supatcha Rod-em
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