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Supatcha Rod-em
Supatcha Rod-em
August 17, 2022 is a tool that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic with a purpose to meet the needs of sellers, who have to shift from an onsite market to an online market. Starting to Live Streaming seems to be easy, but once there are a lot of orders coming, just answering all the chats is already tiring and time-consuming as you have to put customers’ tracking number, delivery, etc. From this point, many helping tools for Live Streaming companies are provided for online sellers to use and choose from. 

Since there are many similar competitors in the market, then why

Numerous helping tools for Live Streaming, but not all that will be suitable for the Thai market, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some tools look difficult to use, inaccuracy of auto-detect chat, and high subscription fees. And, of course, during this economic situation, no one wants to pay for more expensive things. is a tool that definitely benefits the Thai online sellers because we have a professional team in Live Streaming and E-commerce that continually develops this tool. Try for FREE here

The goal of is easy use because the easier the program can be used, the less time it takes for managing orders. Some stores may need someone to deal with the program because of the struggle which will count as a cost. So, wants to solve this weakness. 

How easy is it to use

  • Auto-detect Live comment without any interruptions 
  • Closing the deal with ChatBot, fast and easy
  • Fully equipped Order Management System 
  • Convenient shipping system is an amazing tool that aims to help you reduce your burden from the system and to focus fully on customers during Live Streaming! is a helping tool for Live Streaming that manages the orders, auto-response function, and shipment system. For any store that would like to have more efficiency in selling, don’t miss this tool and don’t forget to try for free!
Supatcha Rod-em
Supatcha Rod-em
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